Loving Your Husband: Do Something Fun Together

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i-love-my-husbandBeing married is hard work.  When you add children to the mix, making time for your spouse gets even harder.

My challenge to you this week is to set aside at least one hour to focus completely on your spouse.

—> This can be a dinner date inside the home, or out.

—> Snag a movie or watch one of your DVR’d shows and curl up on the couch together.

—> Pop some popcorn and play a game {my husband and I love Dutch Blitz!}

Make sure you keep your conversation positive, and do not bring up his faults, things he did wrong that day (or week, or month), or what he should be doing.  Focus on him and make him feel special.

This “date” does not have to cost a thing… you do not have to go out and spend money.  It also does not have to be fancy.  The “date” part is not what is important; the time spent with your spouse is.  Utilize what you have at home. Put the kids to bed early and have some quality time with your spouse.

Remember… having a great marriage starts with us and our attitude.

What are your ideas for fun, quality time with your spouse?

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