Garden Update: The pumpkins are taking over.

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The pumpkins are taking over.

If these plants are any indication, I will be up to my ears in pumpkins this fall.

My tomatoes have not quite recovered from their severe lack of water earlier this summer, but a few are trying to survive.

My basil and sage are doing quite well. I haven’t killed either of them yet.

And check out these beauties that were peaking out from the dirt this afternoon.

How is your garden faring in this awful heat?


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      @Kate @ Stolen Moments, Thanks for commenting, Kate!

      I’m sorry you didn’t get to plant a garden 🙁

      I’m adding the basil to almost every dish I make, lol! I even added it to veggie burgers with fresh buttercrisp lettuce and tomatoes… super tasty!

      I’m not sure on other ideas for basil or for the sage…. I’m open to suggestions if you have some!!!

  1. Rachel says


    As for the pumpkin…there are some great recipes out there for adding it to cakes and breads instead of other ingredients (oil and egg, I believe), making them moist and healthier while adding veggies to your (or your kids’) diet! Swagbuck search for “pumpkin recipes.”

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    Our container garden is not fairing so well in the heat or all the rain. Our bell peppers have been rotting before they’re even ripe and my heirloom tomatoes are blooming and the blooms are dying. The only successful plant is the cherry tomato. Nothing compared to last year. I’m planning a raised bed for next year.

    Also, sage is great for seasoning poultry, turkey and pork dishes.
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    • Rachel says

      @Amanda, Sadly, my parents have a couple tomato plants that are doing poorly as well. They have a LOT of sage and mint!! They have practically taken over the tulip garden!

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      Thanks for the Sage ideas!

      Yeah, the gardening is just not going like I want it too, lol. I have “plants” but no “fruit”. Ugh.

      I, too, will be doing a raised bed next year!

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    My tomatoes are surviving the total heat too. I love your potatoes. I just harvested potatoes but not as big as your potatoes. My flowering plants love the heat especially my day lilies and my sunflowers. Sometimes I almost forgot to water them again and again. Our plants need it because of the total heat that happening in our place. I like your garden by the way.

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    Total heat is a disaster for my tomatoes. My poor tomatoes didn’t survive from the total heat and it makes me sad. The soil in the garden is drying up so I open my sprinkler every 3 hours to avoid making my plants dry.

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