Happy Fall, Y’all!

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Fall has been “officially” here for several weeks now, but it is just now starting to feel like fall here in southern Oklahoma.

Well, it feels like fall in the early morning time! Ha!

It has been several months awhile since I’ve given you a garden update, and I have a good reason.

My garden pretty much flopped.

It is my fault, but remember, I warned you I was a distracted gardener.

I will not call my garden a total failure, although the months of July and August were a sad, sad time in this girl’s gardening world.

It was so dry, and we were gone so much… well, you can guess what happened!

I am pleased with our compost pile, and inspired by Shaina’s Composting Basics post and video, I thought I would show you ours. (Please keep in mind, Shaina’s compost is much prettier than mine! Ha!)

I’m not giving up on gardening, though. I will be making several changes this fall and next spring.

How did your garden fare this year?


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    Ours didn’t fare, at all, but hopefully next year! My hubby DID dig up the ground for it-this is at our new home that we moved into a last year. He’s our gardener, and he’ll be the one to probably tend it next year. My allergies and lack of outdoor enjoyment keep me indoors mostly. Hubby did start his own compost-he really enjoys working outdoors.

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