Cheap Wrapping Paper Storage Container {Revisited}

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With the holiday season {finally!} behind us, a new year stretches before us… and there might still be a few lingering after-Christmas sales to hit up.

If one (or several!) of your post-holiday shopping purchases was wrapping paper, I have a question for you:

Where are you going to store it?

If you were like I was last year and went ca-razy buying supa-cheap wrapping paper, then you might be coming home with a storage problem.

{Hang on, this was one of my “a’ha!” moments.}

Keep your wrapping paper organized with a wine box.

Yes, I said a wine box.

I stumbled upon this little idea last year when I had more wrapping paper than storage space.

I had happened along an empty wine box while shopping at Sam’s. After buying the wrapping paper and searching for proper (and cheap!) storage, I put two-and-two together (told you… and “a’ha” moment!) and voilà!

Cheap storage magic was made.

I have to say, that a year later, I am still happy with my little wrapping paper box. It continues to sit in the same corner of the closet, and is still strong and sturdy as ever.

For more details and pictures, please see my original post.

How do you store your wrapping paper?


  1. says

    What a great idea! It came at the perfect time as I just bought 5 rolls of wrapping paper today. When I got home I found out that they didn’t fit my wrapping bag and was wondering what to do with them. Thanks!
    Becky´s last blog post ..Prayer

  2. Rachel says

    I keep my rolls in a tall, kinda square box with the top flaps tucked in. It is tall, so well over half of the tubes are inside, which I believe makes it sturdier (since the box is tall and skinny). It held all the wrapping paper until the last three rolls got in the house. Now I need a {slightly} bigger box. 😀

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