Easy Vitamin Storage {Use a Pill Box}

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With our family being more prudent about our health, I have become concerned about many things that we have not been doing.

One of the things (yes, I know it’s more of a “duh” moment than an “a’ha” one) we are now more focused on is the importance of vitamins in our diet.

Many thanks goes to this friend for opening my eyes to the abundant benefits of vitamins.

With three girls, a husband, and myself, taking vitamins can be a tad confusing… especially when everyone takes more than one!

My solution?

A labeled pill box.

My personal favorite is this 4-times-a-day, 7-days-a-week pill box for $7.90 on Amazon.

I personalized it with labels (I got mine from Mabel’s, but any labels or a good ‘ole Sharpie will work fine) and gave each girl a row. This makes it cute AND there is no mistaking whose vitamins are whose.

I wanted the weekly line-up rather than the monthly because I have three kids and I knew Sunday through Saturday would be easier to keep up with visually. (but if you prefer the monthly, here is a good one).

In addition to keeping the girls’ vitamins organized, this lets us know if they have taken their vitamins or not.

I am always afraid the girls (who LOVE their gummies!) will ask their dad for a vitamin when I have already given them their proper amount. This pill box lets both of us parents know if the girls get anymore vitamins that day.

I didn’t intentionally leave my husband out… he prefers to choose his own vitamins himself. Ha!

Do you have a special trick to keeping up with your family’s vitamins, or do you prefer to leave them in their bottles?


  1. Rachel says

    Great idea! You could also use the monthly one you highlighted to let everyone have a different color, but you would need to decide if it is worth the extra $2-4.

    Incedently, the one you linked for $7.90 on Amazon now says “4 new from $5.75!! YAY! Save another $2 while keeping family on track!! :)

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