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This is the second in a series called An Organized Home. You will want to start at the beginning, with How to Organize Your Home with Labels.

With the new year of homeschooling well under way in our home, it is nice to have all of our supplies neatly organized.

Most of our homeschool supplies are kept in a closet, with only the books we need every day organized in magazine files.

The supplies that live in the closet are organized in baskets and clear plastic drawers, labeled, of course!

The Closet


Birthday, Christmas, etc. Cards and Computer Software Storage

We do not drink, but this Shiner box was too sturdy to pass up… it is perfect for storage, and it was free!

Arts and Crafts Drawers

As you can see, my favorite way to organize a majority of my supplies is in the plastic drawers.

What makes everything flow and “work,” is the use of labels. I have taken the labeling to an extreme by listing everything that is found in that particular drawer, but it is exactly what our family needs.

What is your favorite way to organize your homeschool items?


  1. Jenny R. says

    Oooh, nice! I like being nosy, too, and seeing what supplies you have. Heehee. Maybe I’ll see something else I *need*!

    I have all of my beautiful, tempting, could-ruin-my-carpet-if-it-fell-into-the-wrong-hands school supplies LOCKED in a storage cabinet. I use a lot of empty oatmeal containers to store markers, paintbrushes, card games, etc. I’m trying to figure out what to do with all of our completed projects, though. My house is beginning to resemble ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, haha! Any ideas?

    • says

      @Jenny R., I know what you mean about being nosy… I’m hoping some ppl will link to pics of their homeschool rooms! Ha!

      I love reusing empty food (and wipes!) containers, too. Those are some of the sturdiest containers out there, and are perfect sizes for all of our hs stuff.

      As far as the project stuff, what we do is (after we have “enjoyed” a project… or we have moved on to a new project), I like to take pictures of the girls with their projects and then hang those up. Then, we store it in a box/container (or, if it cannot be folded or put away, we just trash it.). Sometimes the girls get really attached (like when we did the rainforest), and ask to keep some of the stuff, which I let them display in their room 🙂

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