Our Garden: 2011 Prep and Plans

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Well, as you know, I am no stellar gardener, but I am going to make an attempt at one again this year 😀

To make everything more complicated a little different this year, we are moving our garden to the back yard where our plants won’t fry in the hot sun will have a (hopefully) better chance at survival.

Here is our new plot, all freshly tilled.

I am also going to try the Square Foot Gardening Method this year.

Which means I have to make some frames. I’m thinking something like this.

That is an ambitious amount of seeds for me, but I am determined to have a plentiful garden this year.

How are your garden plans coming?


  1. says

    We’re still buried under snow but the littles keep asking about our garden; we had great success with carrots last year and they ate one every day while playing in the yard.

    We will definitely be planting zucchini again this year. We loved zucchini fritters (my hubby did a post about them) and I froze grated ones for baking. We had three plants and the yield was HUGE!! The littles kept taking them to their Sunday School teachers.

    I will not be planting green peppers again. Huge fail! They were so bitter we couldn’t eat them 🙁
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    • says

      Awww! Love that they ate the carrots just right out of the garden!

      I have a ton of zucchini seeds ready for planting, too. It is sooo versatile, and I love tossing some frozen puree in soups, mixes, etc. Boo about the peppers 🙁

  2. says

    We moved to our home in the country last May but decided that I would share a garden with my mom that year. This year I’m planning on making my own garden and I’m so excited! I love fresh veggies and I will defintely be planting alot. Now, I only have to figure out what to do with my two year old while I’m weeding ;)…
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      Awww yay! Good luck with your garden 🙂 I, too, have a *very helpful* 2 year old. I definitely say give her a chance to help, but if she becomes too helpful (like pulling plants!) maybe put her in the stroller with some toys or a book? Thanks for sharing, Miranda!

  3. Danise says

    Ummmmm – I STINK at gardening. The very first year (several years ago) I planted tomatoes, I had a huge bounty. My sunflower were the size of dinner plates – really beautiful. I thought this was all normal – until the next year. I have never been able to grow tomatoes like that again. I finally have given up … sigh!

    • says

      LOL, girl! Did you SEE my end crop last year? I stink too {giggle} Shane killed my tomatoes (by not watering them) when I was gone for a week. Then, I think the sun fried the other veggies. Hopefully where we have our garden this year, the only frying that will take place will be the zucchini in my pan!

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