Adventures in Cloth Diapering

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So I have jumped into a new adventure after the birth of our son.

Cloth diapering.

I never used cloth diapers on any of my girls; it honestly never crossed my mind to use them. When I did see something about cloth diapers, I figured 1) they were too expensive {and they are somewhat of an investment… initially} and 2) dumping diapers in the toilet was not an activity I wanted to participate in.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Yes, diapers can be an investment in the beginning, especially if you are starting from scratch in both products and knowledge. I recommend doing as much research as you can before buying. Think about your family dynamic, and what would be easiest on you both physically and financially. For example, an AIO (all-in-one) is physically easier than a prefold with a cover; but a package of prefolds could yield you twelve diapers for the price of two AIOs. I have been fortunate: I received several diapers as gifts, and then used gift cards to purchase more diapers and covers. My personal costs in cloth diapering has been minimal.

I have only been using cloth for a little over six weeks, and I’m not using it full time yet. I am waiting for my new Kawaii Baby Diapers to come in before we try nighttime diapering. I *think* I would be okay using the bumGenius with two inserts for overnight, but I keep forgetting to try it.

The diapers and covers I currently own and use are:

So far, my favorite diapers are the fitteds, but I really like the bumGenius for going out, as it is even quicker and easier to change than the fitteds.

I am certainly no expert, and I am learning as I go. I thought it would be fun to chronicle my adventures in cloth diapering.

The following links are fantastic resources on cloth diapering, and were instrumental in my decision to choose cloth:

  • Cloth Diaper Reviews: What’s the Best Cloth Diaper For You?This post is amazing. Katie experimented with 25 different diapers and includes a very honest, detailed review of each one. Of all the cloth diaper posts I have read, this one is the most helpful in making a decision on what brand of diaper to purchase. Be sure to read all of the comments in Katie’s cloth diaper posts, as many of those are helpful, as well.
  • All About Cloth DiapersThis is an entire site dedicated to cloth diapering. Autumn is a wealth of knowledge.


  1. Kathy says

    I had twins in cloth diapers before the internet ever existed. Never dreamed of researchingthem, bought what I could afford, folded them to fit, pinned them on and put on plastic pants. They got doubled diapered at night. I had no washer or dryer un til they were 5 years old and well out of diapers. Please don’t make this so hard for new, already overworked new moms.

    • says

      Hi Kathy,

      Thank you for sharing. As I say in everything, what works for me does not work for everyone. And that is totally fine! Personally, I research everything, so it is natural that I research cloth diapers. In fact, had I not researched and studied, I probably would have chosen to stick with disposables. That would have been very hard on us financially, so I’m thankful I found an alternative.

      I don’t expect everyone to do as I do, or even agree with me. I simply share my life and my loves, one of which is now cloth (yes, I’m weird!). I wanted to share with others how easy cloth has been for me and to encourage them – IF they are considering cloth – not to tell them they need to use cloth.

      I am blessed to have a washer and dryer to make cloth easier; I realize you did not have that luxury, and I am truly inspired that you chose cloth (for whatever reasons, and with twins, no less!).

      My motto is, “Do what works for you and your family.” What works for my family doesn’t work for everyone, and vice versa.

      Thanks again for your comment 🙂


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