Eat Well, Spend Less Q&A

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This month, the Eat Well, Spend Less bloggers are having a roundtable q&a session. I asked the team about their favorite places to shop, as I have received that question a lot over the last few months. Be sure to check out their answers!

I have had several questions lately about the best places to shop, so the timing of our Eat Well, Spend Less Q&A was perfect! The seven of us live in different areas of the United States and Canada, so hopefully one of us will hit on some stores in your area.

I’m not much of a couponer anymore, but for those of you who do, and are fortunate enough to have a Homeland grocery store in your area, this is the place to coupon. While their prices tend to be higher than Walmart, Homeland doubles $1 coupons, which seems to be the exception in the coupon world. This has led to great savings for me in the past. Homeland is where I purchase organic produce, organic/natural products (like peanut butter), and hormone/antibiotic-free meats.

Head over to Kingdom First Mom for more of our favorite grocery stores!

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