My Thoughts on Baby-Wearing

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Baby-wearing has become something of a trend, it seems. I guess you could say I’ve jumped on the bandwagon, but trend or not, baby-wearing is here to stay in my book.


There are so many advantages to wearing my son, that I find myself wishing I had worn my girls! Baby-wearing has given me so much freedom, and has truly made my life easier.

Cam has been a much different baby than his sisters. He is incredibly needy, and needs to be held much more than they ever did. While Reese and Meleah were happy to be laid down in their beds for a nap, Cam is not. It isn’t a big deal, except that there are a few things that do need to be done with two hands and a mobile momma! Wearing Cam, first in the Moby, and now in the Ergo, has allowed me to focus on the girls, school, work, and the house all while keeping him content.

As I mentioned, Blissdom would have been impossible without my Ergo. Not only does wearing Cam give me two hands, but it allows him to be as close to me as possible without a lot of effort on my part. Cam can snuggle in close to me and feel safe and comfortable. Wearing him actually makes it easier for me to tend to his needs because I’m not worrying about my arms falling asleep or having to switch him from shoulder to shoulder; he’s right there and I have both hands available to soothe him. It gives me the best of both worlds. Plus, I love having him snuggled up next to me!


Baby-wearing, while wonderful, isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s hot and a bit uncomfortable to always have him hanging on me (kind of like pregnancy can get uncomfortable, too… it’s a blessing, but not always easy). I will say the Ergo does not hurt my back or shoulders, making that aspect of baby-wearing easy and comfortable. As it always is with moms of littles, sometimes, I would just like a break, but those are the times it feels he needs me the most. You know that “trapped” feeling you get when you have a sleeping baby in your arms and you really need to go to the bathroom? Well, it’s not without a bit of maneuvering, but by having Cam on me instead of being held by me makes going to the bathroom and keeping him asleep possible.

The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, and if you have a baby, or are pregnant, I encourage you to give baby-wearing a try. If you have friends who have worn their babies, ask if you can give their carriers a try before you purchase; I will be sending my Moby to a dear friend who is pregnant with her fifth child. There are so many options for baby-wearing, including slings, wraps, and soft carriers.

What is YOUR favorite way to wear your baby? Do you have a favorite baby carrier?

*Editor’s note – Neither Moby, nor Ergo has in any way sponsored this post. I received the Moby as a gift, after requesting it at my baby shower. I purchased the Ergo myself after much research, and it has exceeded my expectations. I have chosen to write about baby-wearing, so it only makes sense to talk about the carrier(s) I use. I truly love and recommend both the Moby and my Ergo!


  1. says

    I love how much you love baby wearing. It rocks doesn’t it?! Try Cam on your back. He gets a new perspective and you have your front free. Doesn’t work if you are standing up and Down a lot but while on your feet it works. My advice is start him now so when he’s 15 months and still wants to be worn you aren’t carrying all his weight up front. 🙂 personal experience. Hugs!

    • says

      It is awesome! I really do love it 🙂 I tried him on my back the other day (after reading your comment) and boy did it make making the bed easier 😀 He wasn’t too fond of it, though; I think he’s still a little short, but I’m going to keep at it in smaller intervals to get him used to it. We are going to Disney in May, and I think I will prefer him be on my back some of that time! Thanks for the advice, encouragement, and support!

  2. Bec says

    I know this was written ages ago but I’ll comment anyway.

    I wear my daughter almost all day (with the exception of feed and play time. Baby wearing has been a total lifesaver for me as little one sleeps more deeply and for longer periods.

    I have 3 types of carriers. I use a hugabub (similar to a moby), an ergo, and a ring sling. All for different purposes. Carriers are, in my opinion, the best invention for mothers with high needs babies. And also the not so high needs ones 🙂

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