The One About the Princesses {Disney Day 3}

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And, picking up where I left off… almost a month ago. Sheesh. Let’s just say it’s been crazy around here and I really haven’t had a lot of writing time. Why is summer so busy?!

Anyway… our third day at Disney was amazing, and was honestly my favorite day.

We began the morning with a great breakfast and then loaded up on the buses to go to Merida’s crowning. And, we had front-row seats. Oh yeah. (Well, we were in the back of the front-row seating, but hey… not complaining here. We were in front of the cameras and sound crew… and every other person in the park, so to me, that’s front row, baby.)

Disney Princesses{photo by Josh Hallett}

All of the princesses were introduced, and then Miss Merida came riding in on her horse, looking as sweet and beautiful as ever. (Side note… these girls have their princess act down. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought they were the actual princesses from the movies!)

Giddy does not begin to describe what I was feeling. I may or may not have teared up when Merida was officially crowned and she made her proclamation (in her adorable Irish accent).

Merida after her crowning{photo by Josh Hallett}

I get chills still thinking about it.

Now. Here’s the thing about princesses. My girls have always loved dolls and Barbies and the Disney princesses. They play with them every. single. day. They love all of the Disney princess movies, and we own many of them. One of the aspects they love is the girly part: the pretty hair and beautiful dresses. What they also love is learning about the lives of the princesses… outside of their “royal beauty.”

I truly love Disney’s take on princesses, and think that Merida is a wonderfully fresh face in the princess arena. And while I think all of the Disney princesses are strong and brave in their own rights, Merida is a shining example that any girl (even if they aren’t into the girly-girl stuff!) really can be a princess.

More on Day 3 to come. 😉

Disclosure:  I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Conference and received discounted rates, accommodations, and tickets to various events and attractions. All opinions are mine, all mine.

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