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Last year was a huge surprise, but this year was a complete and total shock. I honestly never expected to get an invitation a second time. What am I saying? The first invitation was not expected either. I’m really bad at conveying my thoughts when Disney is involved. It still blows my mind.

2014_3_DisneylandPosing in their Mouse Ears from last year.

I’m not exactly Ms-Out-There-Known-Blogger. And I stink at Facebook. And Twitter. Even Instagram is wondering where I’ve been lately. Did I mention my #DisneySide party? Yeah, it is going to be later than I had planned. There is a good reason {after all, having guests at your party is important!}, but oh, I may be hiding my face in shame. {Slinks away, tail between legs.}

And yet, here we are, both Disneys {or is it Disnies? Disney’s? Hahaha… kidding.} in less than a year.

Yeah, this year it’s at Disneyland in California. {Side note: does anyone else say “California,” and immediately begin singing Tupac/2pac’s California Love? No? It’s just me then.}

Amazing. Fortunate. Blessed. Lucky. Excited.

All of the above.

I’m not even trying to sound fakely humble. Really. Because I was so surprised to see that email that I turned to my husband and told him and there were “little ears” standing right. there.



Trust me when I say, “Disney,” is NOT a word you say out loud in front of children if you are thinking properly. The bonus? It was right-before-bed AND she-ran-into-the-bedroom-to-tell-her-sisters. Let’s just say we did not get to sleep was the last thing on those girls’ minds, and I spent a good hour reminding them that nothing had been decided yet.

We did some talking, and worked the budget, and were able to squeeze it in. And then we kept it to ourselves for almost a month. We wanted to wait until the girls stopped asking before we told them. That time finally came, and I thought, why not make a silly YouTube video of us announcing it and then “happen” upon it when we were watching YouTube with the girls. Shane set up the video camera behind the tv to capture their response.

They were so excited. The Abby Grace began to catch on, but Reese didn’t get it until she heard us say we were going to California. Meleah was perplexed until we explained it to her. Cam took the whole thing in stride, eating his graham crackers and only reacting when things got a little too wild for him. Ha! Yes, we are going to Disney, again.

So, I’m going to take it for what it is: an exciting opportunity for our family, for me to spend in-real-life time with like-minded friends {like AMY!}, and to share with the world what Disney and Disneyland are all about. I may or may not squeal.

Disneyland_OuttakesCam likes the Mickey ears!

And if you missed my posts about our trip to Walt Disney World last May, you can read them here. I apologize for any mushiness that’s in those posts. I know it’s not like me, but it really was a magical experience, and conveying that without a bit of mush was not possible for me.

I’m truly honored and thrilled to be part of the 2014 Disney Social Media Moms Conference at Disneyland in California. It’s going to be amazing, and I canNOT wait to share it all with you!


To keep up with all the latest and greatest news about Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2014, follow them on on Twitter at @DisneySMMoms. (The official hashtag for the event is #DisneySMMoms.) Also, a great way to keep up with news about All-Things-Disney-Parks is by reading the official Disney Parks Blog.

Disclosure:  I am attending the Disney Social Media Moms Conference and will receive discounted rates, accommodations, and tickets to various events and attractions. All opinions are mine, all mine. I really do love Disney.

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