Journaling {31 Days of Self-Care}

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Welcome to Day 13 of my 2014 #Write31Days journey! If you are new here, you can read a little more about me in the sidebar. ;) If you are a regular and you haven’t deleted me from your feed reader, bless you. Thanks for sticking with me!

I like writing, but I’ve never been much on journaling. This blog has been as close to a journal as I could get, until I got my Erin Condren planner. A friend mentioned using it to jot down notes of what happened during her days, and I thought that was a fantastic idea!

Journaling | #write31days

I, too, have been journaling through my planner. I tend to keep my planners, and this is a great way to combine my notes, thoughts, and activities. It is also a place I can tuck special notes from the kids and jot down funny things they say and do. My planner is also a space to write down what I’m learning in my Bible studies and any verses I would like to memorize.

The planner offers plenty of space to write as little or as much as I want, and I love that I can “add to” the events I already have placed in my planner. I love being able to look back and see recorded comments and remember the special times we’ve had!

Do you journal?

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