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What a weekend!

Some of you know that I have been the administrator of Kingdom First Mom for the last three years. {Wow, the time has flown by! It does not feel like it has been three years since I took over!} Running two blogs is not as easy as it sounded in the beginning. It is funny how quickly you forget how hard something can be and repeat it, expecting a different result! In 2010, my friend Alyssa and I took on a second blog – in addition to us each having our own – together, and that lasted about six? eight? months before we had to call it quits. It was too much. And then, in late 2011, I took on the same thing… two blogs.

Shiny_and_New |

Y’all, it just wasn’t working. I felt like every time I posted on one, I short-changed the other.

It has been my pleasure and joy to be administrator to both Kingdom First Mom and this one, my original blog. I just couldn’t do both.

So, I merged them.

On Friday, a sweet designer friend and a new friend {aka, Ms. Amazing She Can Do It All} worked their magic and moved Kingdom First Mom here.

So, what does this mean?

Well, for some of you it means a new look and a new name. You may not be familiar with my original site, but you will be now. Feel free to poke around and see what’s up. It’s mainly family, natural living, homeschool, and my craziness.

For others, the look is the same, but now you will be seeing new types of posts. Posting will also be more frequent.

What will change about the sites?

Kingdom First Mom readers, if you are subscribed via email or feed, you will still receive all content. You don’t have to do anything. Amy Loves It readers, same goes for you. You do nothing to continue receiving the content.

Amy Loves It readers, you will see more coupons, deals, and special offers. This is what I’ve always done on Kingdom First Mom, and that will not change. I will also be hosting the $5 Challenges for CVS and Walgreens here.

Kingdom First Mom readers, you will see more of me. Sometimes, I get on a writing kick {like the 31 day writing challenge in October}, and sometimes I am quiet. I have tons of ideas and a little bit of time, so those two don’t always mesh well.

What will not change.

The content. I’m still me, and I will still be here. If you don’t like the deal posts, feel free to skip over them. If you prefer coupons to my latest homeschool story, no worries! You don’t have to read it. Rest assured, what you like about each site will still be here, with a little bit of new flavor thrown in. You can type in and it will come here. You don’t even have to remember this website URL!

The Facebook pages will not change, for now. I stink at Facebook, as many of you know, and I need to decide how to move forward with them. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, this is me and where I will be tweeting pretty much everything.

Sooo…. welcome!

KFM readers, I would like to welcome you to my little home on the Internet. I am glad to have you, and I hope you enjoy this site as much as you did the other.

ALI readers, you are some of the sweetest readers on the planet. Some of you email me, and I want you to know I treasure the kind words you send me. The kindness, grace, and encouragement I receive from you truly makes my day!

I am working behind the scenes to update links, pictures, and posts. Everything will be back to normal soon, so bear with me.

I hope you all enjoy what this site has to offer. I love writing and sharing, and will continue to do so as long as I’m able!

photo credit: jenny downing via photopin cc

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