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Belfry’s Christmas Gift is an adorable tale about a new friendship between Belfry, a sweet little mouse and Seamus, a gruff, old badger.

Belfry's Christmas Gift Giveaway |

The story begins with Belfry searching for the perfect gift to take to Theo’s Christmas party. The little mouse is not good at baking or making, and becomes discouraged after days of thinking of ideas and coming up with nothing. In the little town, all of the animals are excitedly chatting and showing off their gifts. Belfry notices that no one greets the cranky old badger Seamus with a, “Happy Christmas.” In fact, Belfry noticed many of the animals went out of their way to get away from Seamus.

Belfry immediately made it his mission to wish the old badger a, “Happy Christmas.” As you can guess, Old Seamus ignored the little mouse, but tiny Belfry was persistent. He managed to badger (pun intended) his way into the brusque animal’s heart. Belfry may not have a talent for making or baking, but he is very gifted at encouraging and befriending!

Belfry's Christmas Gift Giveaway

The kids loved the story, of course. Cam carried the book around so much, I was afraid he was going to lose it. Ha! Belfry’s Christmas Gift is a perfect book to read anytime of the year, as its message is timeless: love one another.

Heartwarming Christmas stories are one of my favorites, and this book fits the bill. It also has beautifully drawn images that I’m sure you will enjoy along with the message!

Belfry’s Christmas Gift is part of the Theo’s Tales of Little Overhill collection. It is written by Mike Joens and illustrated by Len Simon.

Win a copy of Belfry’s Christmas Gift

If you would like a chance to add this heartwarming tale to your book collection, simply fill out the form below to be entered to win! The giveaway will close next Monday, November 24 at 8:00 pm CST. I have one copy to give away.

Disclosure: I was sent two books, one to keep and review, and one to give away. All opinions are my own!  


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