Hi! Grab a cup of coffee and get comfy. This blog is where I share my loves, my joys, my struggles, and everything in between. We are a classical homeschooling family, although we don’t stay home much! I am a mom of five and a pastor’s wife who loves cooking, reading, and my Macbook . Here you will find encouragement, natural living ideas, homeschooling support, and fun, with a little bit of coupons and savings thrown in for good measure.
My Favorites for Baby | AmyLovesIt.com

My Favorites for Baby

We’ve come a long way from wipes warmers! I remember when we were pregnant with Abby Grace, and practically bought out Babies R Us. We had allthethings. Thankfully, we can get by with fewer things now, and it isn’t because we already have them… it’s because we realized all of that stuff is pretty unnecessary. […]

On Choosing Joy | AmyLovesIt.com

On Choosing Joy

I've been pondering some things lately. Actually, they've been circling 'round in my head for quite some time. I don't know if I can articulate these … [Click to Read More...]