Psalm 91 Family Bible Study

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Over the last two weeks, our family has been doing a daily Bible study over Psalm 91. It was on my heart to memorize this chapter of Scripture, and a day or two after I mentioned it, Shane came across a Bible study using it. In fact, it was shared on social media by a friend, and Shane asked if he could “steal” it for our church to use as well. That’s how it works in ministry, you know!

Psalm 91 21-Day Challenge Family Bible Study ||

We encourage our kiddos to do the study on their own, and then we meet at some point during the day to read through the discussion and share our answers.

It has been a wonderful, sweet, loud time together. We don’t meet at the same time every day, but we meet every day (except that one Wednesday that Lincoln got to go to the emergency room after we thought his tooth went through his lip!). Our kids range in age from almost 16 to 4, so their levels of communication vary. We have had some really amazing discussions together, and our 7-year-old has come up with some very deep answers. Lincoln, who is four, tends to draw all over his (and other’s!) papers, but he has memorized an “overview” of the chapter: “God is my refuge. I will trust Him.” It works!

We are all at varying levels of memorizing the chapter; some move more quickly than others, and that’s ok. It isn’t about memorization as much as taking the chapter to heart and knowing it.

As I write this, we are on Day 15, slightly ahead of our church, and slightly behind the church who wrote it. This week’s work was written for last week’s situations, aka, Holy Week! So know that when you get to Day 14, it will talk about the week preceding Easter. Regardless, the study is still usable, so I would encourage you to go ahead and use it.

As you can see from the pictures, I am rarely alone during my study time, and that’s ok!

Begin your 21-day Psalm 91 Challenge here.

Psalm 91 21 Day Challenge Family Bible Study ||


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