Are you really saving???

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I subscribe to Deal Seeking Mom… *duh* You knew that, right?

Because, of course, everyone subscribes to Deal Seeking Mom.

What? You don’t??? Um, forgive me, but shame on you! You are missing out on some great deals. Get yo’ booty over there, sign up, and then come back here.

I’ll give you a pat on the back. Promise.

Wait. I think this post had a point…. Oh yeah!

I found this post on Deal Seeking Mom, and you totally need to read it.

The author of the post, Courtney, had some really great points. One of them being, If you don’t need it, don’t buy it… ’cause you might like it.”

While some may disagree with that statement (and I do in some cases), her words ring so true… don’t buy something just to use your coupon. The whole point of being frugal is to save money and to spend your God’s money wisely.

Did ya get the God thing??? Yeah, ’cause it is HIS money we are spending. 

I have been guilty of buying something just because it is on sale. And I have a coupon. And, boy do I like to see those “savings” at the end of my receipt.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have found so many wonderful (free or nearly free) items that I love, but that I absolutely would NOT pay full price for. Ever. Like, NEVER. And, I will continue to shop this way.

For me, this post is just a wake-up call to make sure my spending is wise, frugal, and Godly. And, I need to remember that not everything is a bargain… but careful planning and spending can lead to many wonderful things.

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