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Before I begin dispensing advice ideas on ministering, I think it is appropriate to tell you my salvation story.

I grew up in church; my family went every Sunday, so I grew up knowing about God, Jesus, and the people of the Bible.

When I was very young, I spent the church service playing under the pews (quietly, of course!) with my cousin and our toys.

As I got older, I was told I was too old to play with toys began to pay attention to the service.  I was very observant; of everything but what was being said.

Yes, I was a typical child in a church without a children’s worship service!

At the age of 11, I attended Vacation Bible School (as did the other children in our church).  On the second evening, the preacher invited anyone who wanted to learn more about Christ and salvation to come down to the front so he could answer any questions they might have.

Um, I had a birdhouse that I wanted to work on, so I did not go down to the front.  I was the only one in my class.  As I painted the birdhouse, I wondered what I was missing (but, I sure enjoyed having those paints all to myself!).  Actually, I think my teacher was surprised that I had not gone down to speak with the pastor; I always answered the questions, and faithfully read my Bible.

As the evening progressed, I became increasingly nervous about my decision to stay behind.  What if I really had missed something?  What if I had made a mistake?  Was God disappointed in me for choosing a birdhouse over learning more about Him?

Now, I am not one to follow the crowd.  Even when I did follow, I always had my own opinions, and followed completely by choice.  I’ve always made waves, and this time was no different.

But I chose the birdhouse over listening to the pastor because I was independent.  I knew all I needed to know, and no one could tell me more.  Maybe those other people needed more information, but I did not.

Now, I know I was only 11, but, doesn’t that sound like our world today? We know all we need to know; we are experts in our own lives.

I found out later that evening, that I did not know everything.

My decision weighed heavily on my mind, until I was almost sick; I wanted so desperately to turn back the hands of time.  As I took a bath that evening, I talked to God.  I told Him I how sorry I was, and that if another opportunity came, I would take it.

That night, I accepted Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior.  In the bathtub.  As silly as it sounds that I had a spiritual awakening in the bathtub, it is true.

And, in that moment, I knew.  I knew that everything was okay.  I knew I was forgiven… not just of being a silly girl earlier in the evening, but of everything I had done and would do.  I could feel His forgiveness.  I could feel His love.  It was wrapped around me.

I was shaking so badly when I came out of the bathroom, my parents thought something was wrong.  I blurted out, “I want to be baptized.”

I remember them looking at each other, and then at me.  “You have to be saved to be baptized.”

I told them, “I know.  I just asked Jesus into my heart in the bathroom.”

You can bet those words were NOT what my parents were expecting!  We had a long discussion about it, and then they called our pastor to set up a time for he and I to speak.

I know now, that my decision to paint a birdhouse was not necessarily folly, but just part of God’s plan for me.  I don’t know how things would have worked differently, had I gone down to listen to the pastor.  I know now, that it does not matter.  By choosing to go, I began questioning myself and what I believed.  I wondered about what kind of person I was; I realized that my faith was not firmly planted in Christ.  Although I knew of Him, I did not know Him, until that amazing time in my bathroom.

{On a side note, I was baptized on August 16, 1992.  Baptism did not save me; I was saved the night of July 8, 1992, when Jesus came into my heart.}

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  1. Shane says

    I had never heard the hole story. It was well thought out and I enjoyed it. We really never know how powerful our testimony truly is, so props for throwing out there on your website. I hope others are touched by it.

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