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It was never in the cards, at least in my mind, that I would ever be the wife of a pastor. I made sure to stay far away from anyone who had any inkling of becoming a pastor. You can never be too careful, you know.


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At the ripe-young age of 18, a freshman in college, I met Shane… my future husband.

I have told you about my salvation, and you know where I am now. What you do not know is that in-between part; the juicy stuff.

You see, I met my future husband in a bar. A club.

He was a player of music, aka, a dee-jay. A mobile dee-jay to be specific.

He was most definitely not a pastor. A Christian, yes. An aspiring pastor? No. Way. {Can y’all hear God laughing in Heaven at my stupid reasoning???}

This was late October 1999. By February of 2000, we had plans to marry; sort of. He did not propose until June 2001.

Our wedding was July 20, 2002, and by that time, both of us were committed Christians, on fire for God, but still unsure of His plan for our lives.

We began to get involved with the youth group in our church, and found we had a mutual love for teens. Shane and I had a blast helping our youth pastor friend and his wife with the teenagers.

Shane was free to act like one of them, and I had young girls in which to impart my wisdom {if you aren’t cracking up by now, that statement should do it!}no strings attached.

Two weeks after the birth of our first daughter in May 2004, Shane and I were thrust head-first into the throws of ministry as we had never before experienced.

Our youth pastor friends had taken a pastoral job in another town. Our friend had recommended my husband for the interim job of youth leader while our church searched for a youth pastor.

The very godly man who pastors our church had other ideas; other plans.

He gave Shane a year. Our pastor saw something in my husband, and gave him a year to see what he could do with the youth ministry.

My barely-any-experience-with-youth, no-ministry-training-whatsoever, dee-jay husband was now the youth pastor.

Little did I know how long that role would last…


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Is there an area of your spiritual walk where you might be limiting God’s plans? What can you do to give Him total control?

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  1. says

    Oh girl…that ‘godly’ pastor had a daughter who believed in your husband too! Maybe you are surprised…but I was not! I’m so proud of you two and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you guys.

  2. Danise says

    Those of us on the outside looking in (church members but not pastors) also believed in you guys – and still do!!!!!

  3. says

    We have two areas that we are trying to trust the Lord in currently, the next place of ministry the Lord has for us and how the Lord wants to use my blog for His Glory. I feel like I should know by now how to trust Him and His plan, but obviously I have lots of learning to do. Two passages I have been claiming is Psalm 127:1 and Psalm 147:10-11. I love hearing your story!

  4. says

    I am so enjoying getting to know more about you and your story! And it’s so neat to see how God can direct our paths, even when we think we are very intentional at avoiding it! 😉
    .-= Mandy Roberson´s last blog ..Fill My Cup =-.

  5. says

    Control seems to be the topic God has in mind for me today! My husband is in “near total remission” from multiple myeloma. I want to give God TOTAL control of the situation, but I wonder if its really more like “near total control”. Thanks for the reminder, Amy. I shall be praying more about it.
    .-= Kim @ DomesticGeekGirl´s last blog ..In my DVR: GeekGirl’s TV Previews =-.

  6. says

    Isn’t it fantastic that God still woos us? Even when we reject his plan and run fiercely in the opposite direction, He gently re-routes us. I love that God doesn’t give up on me. He is so patient and loving with us. All we have to be … is willing.
    .-= Nicki at Domestic Cents´s last blog ..Easter, In Perspective =-.

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