Wheat Pie Crust Recipe

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PECAN PIEA few weeks ago, during one of my crazy baking days, I made up several pie crusts, using the recipe my maternal grandmother always used. I just tweaked it a little bit by adding some wheat flour for a yummy wheat pie crust.

Wheat Pie Crust

3/4 cup wheat flour
3/4 cup white flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup cold butter
1/4 cup cold water

:: Sift the flour and salt into a large bowl.
:: Cut in the butter until the mixture is hanging together in little clumps.
:: Work the water in until you have a mass of dough.
:: Use your hands to finish up the dough and create a disc shape.
:: After your dough chills in the refrigerator for a bit, roll it out onto a floured surface.

This recipe makes enough dough for a 9″ pie plate.

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    What perfect timing to share this recipe! I have been switching my family to whole wheat bread, muffins, now I can make these for Thanksgiving!

  2. says

    Okay Amy. I’m blaming another thing on you. First getting back into the whole coupon insanity…not sure if I’m gonna stay there, but i blame you and facebook for luring me back in. Then I also said I would never be a pie maker. I don’t like to bake and I don’t really like pies so I refuse to make them (kinda selfish don’t you think!). Then this 40 day challenge thing I’m doing for myself rolled around and one of the ideas included making a PIE…shoot!!!! That couldn’t be from the Lord. But when i was pondering this crazy idea, I remembered a pic of a beautiful pie crust you had posted on facebook. . .so caved and made a pie crust. It was a practice crust because the ‘real’ pie that is a part of my challenge won’t be made for a couple of days…i’m gonna post a pic on my blog sometime soon. you’ll wanna see b/c it will make you laugh! have a yummy thanksgiving!

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