Pie Crust Cookies

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I had a few great helpers last week when we made pies. The girls and Cam just love helping in the kitchen!

2014_11 Making Pie Crusts

2014_11 Pie Helpers

2014_11 Cam Pie Helper

We made Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie. Both were delicious, even though my pecan never set up, and resembled pecan soup, rather than pie!

2014_11 Meleah Pie Helper

2014_11 Reese Pie Helper

2014_11 Abby and Meleah

One of our favorite traditions that is actually really simple is making extra pie crusts, and cutting them out with cookie cutters to make pie crust cookies.

Pie Crust Cookies

All we did was double our original pie crust recipe, and instead of hard-laboring (ha!) over the dough, we used the food processor. It was incredibly quick and easy. And since we weren’t concerned with the crust looking pretty, we didn’t let the dough chill at all. I also subbed Organic Palm Shortening for the butter, and it was ahMAYzing!



2014_11 Reese Cookie

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