Top Ten Organizational Favorites #toptentues

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I am a true organizing junkie. I like everything in it’s place.

I am constantly re-arranging, trying to find the best place or way to store things.

Right now I am working on an organizational series, An Organized Home, where I will introduce you to the way I keep up with my stuff. The ideas aren’t new, but my take on some of them are, and I cannot wait to share with you!

So, it is very fitting that I start with my Top Ten Organizational Favorites 🙂

10. 24-Pocket Canvas Shoe Organizer {holds more than shoes!}

Toy Storage

9. Clear Plastic Drawers, preferably the 4-drawer with organizer top or three drawers (in white) without the wheels attached.

8. Milk Crates

Milk Crates... storage at it's finest

7. Drawer Organizer

6. Re-purposed Containers

Old Yogurt Container = New Frugal Scissor Container

5. Magazine Files {great for separating girls’ school books, home management files, etc… à la Organizing Your Way}

4. Loose Leaf Rings

Rings... perfect for organizing homeschool gear

3. Neat Receipts Scanner

2. Labels and Label Maker

Ahhh... Labels...

1. Home Management Notebook {Check out the Busy Body Book! I found this thanks to my friend Mandi… There are also these amazing FREE printables!}


  1. says

    Shoe organizer is the best thing ever. I use them on vacation, too! They pack flat and keep all those little things organized when you’re in a small hotel or cabin!

    I’ve got to get some of those loose leaf rings, too. I think you could use them for so many things!


    • says

      Oh, girl, yes! It is SO AMAZING! My sister-in-law got it for me for Christmas almost 2 years ago. Needless to say, she knows me well!

      I can honestly say this is a product I would recommend, especially for those of us who shop a lot. I frequent grocery sales, CVS, and Walgreens, so I tend to have a lot of receipts!

      Oh, and it is not just a scanner, but it has a great organization software system with it 🙂

  2. says

    Ah, milk crates were the joy of my organizing heart when I was in college.

    I love for things to be organized, but I prefer the “dump everything into a basket and call it a day” method. Your neat little rows impress me!

    • says

      I confess, I do have a few “dump everything into a basket” baskets around my house. Lol… sometimes that is just easier! Especially if you hide them in a closet! Ha!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. says

    Um, I LOVE the receipt scanner and I never knew about that!! Which one do you have? I am overwhelmed with receipts sometimes. I think I need one of those badly!!

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