Thirty Days of Giving. What Will You Do? #30DayGive

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30-Day Giving Challenge

I’m sitting on my couch trying to find the right words to begin this post.

I consider myself a generous person. If take a good look, however, I see that my generosity sometimes comes on my terms and in my comfort zone.

I mean, look at all I do.

I homeschool.

I tithe.

I help my youth pastor husband.

I host students every week at lunch and open my home every Sunday night.

I sponsor two Compassion kids.

Can you relate?

Since when is giving about I?

It isn’t.

Giving is about the other people. You know, the ones we are helping with our money or time?

So this year, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone.

I’m going to do something… and not for myself or my glory, but for someone else and His glory.

Throughout the month of November, I will highlight some of my favorite charities and give you tons of giving opportunities.

If you have a heart for giving, we invite you to join us from November 1 – 30, 2010 as we take giving to new heights, combining the efforts of thousands of people.

We’ll be working together to bless our friends, family, neighbors, and complete strangers by making a conscious effort to give each day of November. And we’ll do it all for God’s glory!

In addition, our team will be offering giveaways from our wonderful sponsors… giveaways YOU can win, and wonderful items we will not be keeping, but donating.

Want to join us? Stay up-to-date by following the 30 Day Giving Challenge on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also join our BlogFrog Community to connect with like-minded participants, ask questions, and grow in your faith.

Will you take the Challenge?


  1. says

    Right there with you girl! I’m so glad you wrote this. I was thinking about highlighting charities and non-profits throughout the month as part of the “giving” but didn’t know if that qualified. You affirmed and confirmed my decision. Thanks Amy!

  2. Karen says

    I am getting excited about the challenge, but also wondering how I am going to find something to do everyday and also what can be done that doesn’t cost a lot of money. I am also open to ideas to help my kids-elementary and tween participate! Already though, I have noticed that God is making more aware of the needs of others around me. Will be a great month to learn more about giving.

  3. BroDon says

    ~Since when is giving about I?~

    Concerning, writing or conversing without using “I”, difficult it is, isn’t it?. Practically impossible actually. Along with that theme, comes words such as, “we, us, our, or my”. You and those commenting have great intentions. Hearts are in the right places. HIS glory will keep you safe, blessed, but not always posted online. Silent giving, brings bountiful blessings.

  4. says

    Still trying to figure out the concept. Is the challenge to prayerfully give in some new way each day this month? I’m a volunteer area coordinator for Operation Christmas Child in Northwestern PA as well as a school nurse by day. These next few weeks are the busiest of my year but I’m up for the challenge. If you want to read my journey in giving with Operation Christmas Child you can check my blog at

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