Living Better in 2011: One Month Update + Real Food

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Our family is officially one month into our Eating More Organic Foods challenge, and I’m already making changes!

One of the goals I should have added at the beginning of the year (and probably mentioned when I first thought about it!) is that not only are we trying to eat healthier foods, we are eating more real food.

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As in, I am leaving the canned and {mostly} processed foods on the shelf of the grocery store.

Yes, my grocery list looks a little bit different these days, with replacing the canned variety with more fresh and some frozen veggies.

Packaged cookies and crackers are being replaced with organic tortilla chips and homemade treats.

Have I passed up great deals in doing this?

Oh yes. Especially at Kroger’s latest Mega Event with free Rotel, 12¢ Hunt’s canned tomatoes, and 26¢ Del Monte veggies!

While those deals were, at first, hard to pass up, I realized that when it comes to our family’s eating habits a good deal is more than cheap food.

Has our family been okay with this?

For the most part, yes. My girls love Oreo cookies, but I absolutely refuse to buy them at full price. I compromise, on occasion, when there is a coupon AND a great sale with which to pair it.

We all love to snack, so I make sure to have plenty of fresh fruit for smoothies or to eat alone, and healthier cereals on hand to satisfy any snack-y cravings.

I admit to still purchasing some convenience foods such as Annie’s Mac and Cheese, but for the most part, everything else is gone.

I am cooking with more fresh foods than ever before. One of my new favorites is the $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook. I have had it for over a year, but had yet to crack it open until this last month. It is full of easy, healthy dishes, many of which are quickly prepared.

Have I bought something and then wished I hadn’t?

Yep! More than once.

I’m not perfect.

And, I do like easy, so sometimes the quick-and-easy stuff is appealing.

I would like to reiterate that this is our family’s journey… it is not something that works for everyone or every family. We are all different, and that is okay! I am simply sharing what we are doing and how we are doing it :)

I also discovered a few more resources I neglected to mention in my earlier Living Better post.

:: Mambo Spouts {Printable Coupons}

:: Unsophisticook {Real Food}

:: Simple Bites {Real Food}

If you are taking the Living Better challenge with me, how did your January go?

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