Removing the Blinders

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{Photo by: Foist}

There are some things in life to which I would like to stay blind.

Like, my short temper, how I am easily annoyed, and my perfectionist ways, to name a few.

But after awhile, the more these faults happen, the more I see them and recognize the need for change.

The need to think before I speak or react.

The need to chill out when annoyances happen.

The need to let things be a little messy.

But what about when your eyes are completely opened, and the entire picture stands before you?

What do you do then?

Do you squeeze your eyes tightly together and pretend/wish/pray it never happened? That you never saw it?

Or do you open your eyes wider and do something?


Right then and there?

Put your foot down and say, “No more,”?

Maybe it isn’t that I prefer the blindness, but the ease of not knowing.

Of not seeing.

Can I take it all back? Push it away from my mind?

No. I cannot.

So, I must take a stand.

Make the change.

Do something.

Curious? Check it out.


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