2 Months

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Last Friday marked Cam’s two month birthday. At his checkup, he weighed 13 and a half pounds.

Little man is a chunker!

He is sleeping 4 to 5 hours at a time at night, but still wants to eat every two hours during the day. He sleeps on a Nap Nanny next to my bed, and it has been ah-may-zing. The first night he slept on it, he slept for 4 hours straight. That is much better than the 1 to 2 hours he slept in his Moses basket.

His tummy problems are becoming less frequent and less intense. I’m still not completely sure what caused them, but I am on a better probiotic now, and I know that is helping.

Cam is very curious, and is fascinated by lights and ceiling fans. He has started to coo and smile at us, and loves when his sisters talk to him. Hopefully he will get used to being smothered in kisses by them.


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