Disney Days 3 and 4: FastPass, Monster’s U, and More!

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Note: Would you like to read about the rest of our Disney trip? It’s sad how long it has taken me to get these finished. I’m wrapping it up now. You’re welcome.

If you missed it, our third day began with Merida’s awesome coronation. After the coronation, Mandi and her girls showed us around the Magic Kingdom.

We had a FastPass, which may be the best invention evah. I had heard the term before, but I really had no idea just how amazinglyawesomelywonderful these babies would be. In short, you swipe your little card, get a ticket, and when the time on your ticket comes, you get to go through a special line IN FRONT OF THE CROWD, and ride the ride sooner. Oh yes. This was a very nice perk. {FastPass is available to anyone visiting the park, not just us Social Media Moms. Check out more on the FastPass here.}

We were delighted to view a special pre-screening of Monsters University. The flick was cute, the girls enjoyed it, Cam slept, and it was pleasantly cold inside. It made for a wonderful afternoon at Disney.


After the movie, we headed to our final party.

2013_6_Disney_3rd_Party_Collage photos by: Shannon’s Table

After the party, we had more fun in the Magic Kingdom. Let me tell you a little secret. The best time to head to the park is 6 pm. That’s about the time people are leaving to go to their rooms to eat. Or leaving because they’re tired from a full day. It’s still crowded, but not nearly as bad. It’s also MUCH cooler. And a bonus is, that the people that ARE still around are waiting for the fireworks and Electrical Parade. These are cool, but not standing in line for rides is even cooler.

2013_6_Disney_Rides top photo: About to ride The Haunted Mansion; bottom: Shannon, Reese, and Shane on Space Mountain

Reese. Our little bitty, fearless Reese loved Space Mountain. I’m pretty sure she was barely tall enough to ride, and you can see that her Daddy was a smidge afraid she was going to fly out. But she didn’t and she could have ridden it 100 times!

Ahhh… we are nearing the end of our Disney posts. {Do I hear many sighs of relief?!} One more… because Mother’s Day at Disney is pretty. darn. awesome.

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