First Day of Classical Conversations {2013}

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Yikes. It’s been awhile since I’ve been over here. My apologies! {Side note: Catch up on our homeschool journey over on Kingdom First Mom}.

Today was our first day back at Classical Conversations. To say the girls had a blast is an understatement. They absolutely love the material we learn, and it is one of their very favorite “subjects”. Abby Grace had her first Essentials class, and when I asked what she thought, she replied, “I loved it. And I’m totally doing it next year!” Ha! Let’s get through Week 2, baby girl! 😉

This picture was not the first, second, or even third picture taken this morning.

This was the first one:

Ah, if only Cam didn’t like to pull hair so much, his eyes would have been open. This one would have worked and we wouldn’t have been rushed.

And then the sun {it’s not actually sunny, y’all… Reese is extremely sensitive to any outside light and she can’t keep her eyes open} was too bright so we moved to the porch.

Meleah has a funny way of standing when we take pictures. She gets it from her daddy and we always joke about a picture from his wrestling days. Meleah looks just like him. Somehow, when asking Meleah to not stand so stiffly, I hurt her feelings and made her cry. I will refrain from showing you that one. I had no idea why she that cry over something like that, so I took this picture and loaded the kids up.

We scooted in to CC right on time, but I still made them take a picture. {We were GOING to take a first day of CC picture at any cost!}

I give up, y’all. At least they’re cute! {wink}

Linking to the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop. See last year’s first day of CC picture here.

And here are our first day of homeschool pictures for this fall. Yes, I took two “first day” pictures. I’m making up for all of those years that I didn’t take any first day pics!


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    Your kiddos are super cute!! That seems pretty familiar over here too, I can never seem to get all of my kiddos to look at the camera at the same time!! 🙂 I am hopping over from the blog hop!

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