2015-2016 Curriculum Plans

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We have our first week under our belts. It went really well and the girls are so glad to be back in our routine.

2015-2016 Homeschool Curriculum Plans | AmyLovesIt.com

Meleah is loving (I mean, loving) her new math. Both Reese and Abby Grace are just ready for Classical Conversations to begin to they can start the Essentials writing program!

Spelling had been set aside in favor of making sure our reading is up to par, so we are finishing up All About Spelling Level 1. We worked on it some this summer, and while it is way too easy for Reese, I didn’t want her to miss any of the spelling rules and to get a firm foundation on the way this program works, so we started at the beginning. Spelling is the hardest subject for me to teach! I am naturally a good speller; I don’t even remember how I was taught to spell, but whatever way it was, it worked really well! Teaching it has humbled me, but all of the girls work really hard, and seem to enjoy it… despite any of my perceived failings.

2015 - Abby Grace - 6th

Abby Grace, age 11

Handwriting – Abby Grace will get a lot of handwriting time when Essentials begins, but for now we are working on perfecting her cursive. We are using the final Handwriting Without Tears book, Can-Do Cursive.

History – While CC covers all of the history a person would ever need, I also add in whichever Story of the World corresponds to our current CC cycle. This year, Abby is reading (mainly silently), Volume 1: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor.

Keyboarding – Along with Handwriting, Abby is working on her typing skills with the Handwriting Without Tears program. We bundled the handwriting and keyboarding programs to save money, but you can purchase separately. She is using Can-Do Keyboarding. It takes her between 10 and 15 minutes (sometimes less, I haven’t actually timed her) to work through her lesson, which is just enough time to keep her engaged without becoming bored.

Language Arts – Classical Conversations Foundations Masters class and Essentials of the English Language Program (both begin in September and run for 24 weeks).

Math – Saxon 6/5. Bless her heart she adores this math. We have the old textbooks like the ones I used in school. Just looking through the Saxon site, I think they’ve changed up their numbering system a bit since I used them, and we don’t have the “homeschool” version. I got both Abby Grace’s and Reese’s books for free from a fellow homeschool mom. I’m pretty sure a school was cleaning out it’s closet! Ha!

SpellingSpelling Zoo. CC uses IEW for their Essentials writing program, and a fellow CC mom mentioned how much she and her son like Spelling Zoo, so Abby is using it this year. I still need to order it. Whoops!

Writing – Essentials of the English Language Program (begins in September and goes for 24 weeks).

Arts and Athletics – Weekly Piano and Guitar lessons; bi-weekly Volleyball practice and/or games.

Geography and Science are all covered with our CC curriculum. Shane also plans to do some Science with them on Monday afternoons.

2015 - Reese - 4th

Reese, age 9

Handwriting – Like her sister, Reese will get tons of handwriting/copy practice when Essentials begins, but I want her working on her cursive. She is using Handwriting Without Tears Cursive Success.

History – Classical Conversations Foundations program.

Language Arts – Classical Conversations Foundations Journeymen or Masters class and Essentials of the English Language Program (both begin in September and run for 24 weeks).

Math – Saxon 5/4. Like Abby Grace, Reese has an old textbook. Whatever works, right? Plus, it makes sense to her and works for the way she learns.

ReadingThe Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading is a long book, and we’ve been working on it for quite some time. We love it, and it works well for her. She has around thirty lessons left (yay!), and from there, I’m not sure to where we will go. We will figure it out when we get there!

Spelling – We love the All About Spelling curriculum, and like I mentioned, Reese is working on a level well below her skills. I’m big on making sure we get the basics before we move on, so it’s working just fine. I prefer working on my child’s level – and getting those basics down – rather than “grade” level.

Writing – Essentials of the English Language Program (begins in September and goes for 24 weeks).

Arts and Athletics – Weekly Piano and Art lessons; Basketball in the winter.

2015 - Meleah - 1st

Meleah, age 6 (will be 7 in a few weeks!)

Handwriting – We love Handwriting Without Tears, so it’s no surprise that Meleah also has a HWT book, My Printing Book.

History – Classical Conversations Foundations program.

Language ArtsFirst Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, Level 1. Meleah is really enjoying this, and within two and a half days, had memorized the poem we learned on day 2. Yes, it’s a little victory, but any victory with Meleah is actually huge!

MathSingapore 1 Math Program. She loves this math. She asks to do math first every day. For a momma who isn’t a math whiz, this is music to my ears! We are having so much fun learning math together!

Reading – Meleah has about 35 lessons remaining in her reading book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. After she finishes, we will probably begin The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading.

Spelling – After she finishes her reading curriculum, I will start her on All About Spelling Level 1.

Writing – This is brand-new to Meleah, who spent most of last year focusing on reading, writing, and math. The Complete Writer: Level 1 Workbook for Writing with Ease is a book I used with Reese, and I feel it is a fantastic introduction to the Essentials program. Of course, Essentials won’t come along until fourth grade, but WWE has multiple levels, and that gives us plenty of time to work through them and prepare her. So far, Meleah is enjoying it; she quickly learned that paying attention to the story is an important part of this writing program!

Arts and Athletics – Weekly Piano lessons; Basketball in the winter (maybe).

2015 - Cam - PrePreK

And those are our plans for the year! Cam is learning number and letter recognition, and reciting what he hears the girls learning, like poems and songs. He will really be happy when CC begins and they have their history and timeline songs!

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