Easy Homemade Bread

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There is just nothing like a warm slice of homemade bread slathered with butter. Or jam.

Making bread is something I have always enjoyed doing, but I haven’t always been able to pull it off! However, this recipe – from an old church cookbook – is pretty fool-proof. Hey, if I can make it, anyone can! Ha! And if you are blessed to have a bread machine, this recipe works very well in it, making a simple recipe even easier.


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If you can, let the bread rest and cool for a least an hour before slicing, although if you have a son like mine, he knows when the bread is coming out of the oven and tries to climb up the cabinet for a taste! It is a rare occasion that bread cools for the “proper” amount of time in my house. Ha!

Do you like to make bread? Do you prefer to use a bread machine or knead it the old-fashioned way?

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