Savor the Moment {31 Days of Self-Care}

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Welcome to Day 17 of my 2014 #Write31Days journey! If you are new here, you can read a little more about me in the sidebar. ;)

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Sometimes, I’m lazy.

Savor the Moment | #write31days

Kidding, kidding. I try really hard to not be lazy!

But Thursday afternoon, I was done. I didn’t feel like I had accomplished a lot this week, as we had a few sickies on Sunday and then another one on Tuesday. The thing is, I barely slept after two woke up sick at 1 am on Sunday, and then Monday and Tuesday nights were spent on edge waiting for someone else to get sick. My mind works in mysterious ways. I have a hard time shutting it down.

{Note: I had actually accomplished quite a bit: on Monday, Shane and I spent about 8 hours cleaning carpets, furniture, and rearranging the living room. We also cleaned two bathrooms, our bedroom, office, living room, and kitchen. When we get on something, we get it done! I had to throw this in there because my husband would have called foul reading that we hadn’t “done” anything this week. Ha!}

Cam was really tired, but did not want to lay down, so I laid down and snuggled him in my arms. He fell asleep almost instantly. I read a bit on my phone and then decided a nap sounded pretty good to me, as well. So, I drew him closer, inhaled his sweet and sweaty not-such-a-baby-more-like-a-big-boy scent, stroked his hair, and dozed for about an hour. I don’t usually sleep well with anyone touching me, but this afternoon, Cam cradled in my arms, we both slept well.

CamA little nap time selfie

When I woke up, I hated to leave him, but there was work to be done, and I had taken enough time doing “nothing.” Of course, it wasn’t really doing nothing, and that was okay. I had several blog posts to get written, including this one, as we were going to a football game tonight and there wouldn’t be time after we got home. The kitchen still needed to be cleaned up from lunch {and it was 3:00! whoops!}. The girls’ needed to work on their playroom closet a bit, and needed a gentle reminder. Stuff needed to get done.

Sometimes, you just have to stop and savor the moment, despite having stuff to do.

I find myself doing that a lot with Cam. Maybe it’s because he’s the baby, or he’s my only son. I don’t know. Maybe, what holds me back is his sweetness and the knowledge that these days are all too fleeting. Even during the up-every-two-hours years, I tried to remember that the time would not last forever, and to cherish the moments. {I also tried to remember what sleeping felt like… ha!} I’ll be honest. Sleep feels a ton better than waking up all the time, but I do get wistful when I think about our precious time together.


So why am I telling you all of this?

Momma. Grandmomma. Daddy. Friend. Sister. Brother.

Stop. Be there; be in the moment. Take the time to really see and hear what is going on around you. I’m busy. You are busy. Sometimes, we are all too busy. Amid the chaos and fun and stuff, stop. Look. Listen. Enjoy. Delight. Savor.

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