Making Time for Me {31 Days of Self-Care}

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Welcome to Day 11 of my 2014 #Write31Days journey! If you are new here, you can read a little more about me in the sidebar. ;)

Every mom, whether she is a SAHM, WAHM, works outside the home, homeschools, whatever, needs some time to herself. Dads do too.

Making Time for Me | #write31days

One of my goals for this month is to make sure to set aside some time for me, in addition to my early morning Bible time. Even if it is five minutes sitting in the closet just enjoying the quiet, a bath behind a locked bathroom door, or a walk around the house, I need a bit of time to myself.

If you are in a season where this feels impossible, maybe set a family quiet time, where everyone has to be quiet and rest or find a quiet activity. Set a timer, and help your kids find quiet activities like coloring, reading, or playing with blocks. Momma, I understand what it’s like. Cam didn’t nap for almost two years unless I was holding him, so I know what it is like to not have a moment to take care of you. Some days, there just wasn’t time. You may have to start small, and it may not be an everyday thing.

My kids are older, and I can ask them to keep an eye on Cam for a few minutes if needed. Shane is also great, so I can enlist his help to have my “me time.” But what if your littles are too small to help watch each other? What if you are a single mom or dad works a lot and you are on your own?

Five minutes of quiet may be that time spent rocking your babe to sleep. It’s not alone in the actual sense of the word, but it can be quiet. Quiet may be placing your child in his crib and using the bathroom by yourself (this still does not happen in my house!). Maybe it’s a few minutes before you go to bed where you can just breathe.

I know we have so many, many things we need to do every day, but I feel like one of the most important things we mommas can do for our families is to be healthy {and happy and whole!}, and time to clear our minds and just be can help with that.

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