Artsy Goal for the Year: Learning to Knit

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I didn’t mention anything about hobbies or artsy goals in my original goals post for this year. I needed a bit to decide if I really wanted to tackle this now or later on. Now it is!

Artsy Goal for 2015: Learning to Knit |

The goal has been around for several years; I’ve always wanted to learn to knit and crochet. My maternal grandmother, my beloved Gigi, was a crocheter. I could sit beside her, mesmerized for hours just watching her crochet stitch after stitch. She never thought her gift was anything special, but I sure did. The quilt she made me was blue and white and beautiful.

A few times she tried to teach me, but I didn’t have my own needles, and my hands don’t work very well with my brain, so the lessons didn’t stick.

I’m very visual, and really, I probably need a guide right beside me, but I’ve purchased a basic knitting class from Craftsy called Knit Lab, to learn how to knit. So far, I’ve made it through the basic stitch, and I’m doing ok. I’ve missed a few stitches, and many are clumsy. Plus, I’m pretty sure my needles are cheap. Ha!

I may or may not be easily frustrated. Ha! Like I said, I probably need a guide right next to me placing my hands and needles in the right spot!

Learning basic knitting, and being able to teach it to my girls is my artsy/craftsy goal for the year. I may need to teach them finger knitting first, though, as a friend let me know that was what she began with when teaching her daughter.

Do you have an artsy goal for the year?

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  1. Diane Anderson says

    The Crochet Crowd has great videos (free) on how to crochet, whenever you are ready. I’m learning to draw through craftsy.

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