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Shane was gone this weekend. It was just two nights, but it wasn’t the nights that bothered me; it was the mornings.


You see, I’m a tad spoiled. Shane makes my coffee every morning.

We are probably considered coffee snobs… whole beans, grinder, French press… the whole nine yards. He told me how many scoops of beans he uses, because that’s really all I didn’t know. I mean, how hard is it to use a coffee grinder and a French press? It’s not. But the amount of coffee is of the utmost importance.

I put in the amount of beans he told me to. I ground them on the setting he uses. I boiled the water. I added it all to the French press and carefully stirred it. Ten minutes of brewing, and my coffee was ready.

Did it taste like Shane’s? Not in the least. But that is okay. I guess things just taste better when they’re made with love!

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