Couch Rest, Word of the Year, and More

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January has eight days remaining.

Eight. Days. Remaining.

I can’t even with that.

So let’s play a little catch-up.

Lincoln and I at 36 weeks

Lincoln and I at 36 weeks

First of all, I miss this space and writing. I can’t even say that we’ve been getting ready for Lincoln, it’s just been a hectic year already. We have two in basketball… with Shane coaching both teams. I’ve been planning the next year for my business, with new classes, informational meetings, surprises, and more. It’s exciting and crazy all rolled into one.

Baby Update

And now I’m on the couch. Yes, for the first time in five pregnancies, I am on couch rest. Which is different than bed rest, I guess. All I know is I am not supposed to do anything except chill on the couch. I hit 37 weeks on Wednesday, but my midwife appointment was on Monday, and I had high blood pressure. She took it three times, and it went down a little each time, but not enough to keep me from having to return on Friday. It was high again (apparently, my BP has been high throughout my pregnancy), so we did blood work, a stress test on the baby, and she checked me. I’ll know the results of the blood test on Monday, but everything else looked good. My BP went down quite a bit while I was laying down during the stress test. Lincoln is doing great, and really a lot of our concerns went down by the end of the appointment. I am dilated to a 3… which is a huge surprise to me since I have never been this far this early on any baby before.

My couch rest buddy <3

My couch rest buddy <3

I’m actually feeling fine, which makes it hard to stay down. One would think being relegated to the couch would be a good thing. All I can see is what I have not gotten accomplished! And the tv remote is still controlled by one adorable little boy with his boy shows. Ha! At least we have finally ordered (almost) everything for Lincoln. I told Shane on Monday night that we probably needed to get a car seat. And a co-sleeper. And a few other baby-related items before little man decides to make his appearance. 37 weeks has snuck up on us! (PS… Amazon Prime members… when you create a baby registry, Amazon will give you 15% off selected baby items time. We got 15% off our co-sleeper, car seat, diaper covers, baby swing, and more! You will have to check out with everything at one time to use the discount, as it is a one-time-use. Fantastic, right!?!)

Meleah's first basketball game

Meleah’s first basketball game

Health Goals

One of my goals this year has been to focus on new areas of my health. This month, it has been a goal to drink half my body weight in water (ounces, of course), which equals to about 80 oz of water a day. Most days, I get between 60 and 80. I feel like it makes me feel better, but I know I need to be more consistent. I’m also focusing on skin care this year, and I can’t wait to share more about that.

Word of the Year

I know choosing a word for the year has been a trend the last few years, but I love it. I think it is a fantastic idea to have a word/idea be a focal point in all areas of our lives.

This year, I am working on thoughtfulness. I don’t feel that I’m an unthoughtful person, but I need to make an effort to seek out what makes other’s feel good about themselves. I want to be better about cards, uplifting words, and appreciation. I am severely lacking in this area.

Reese and Abby Grace's completed quilts

Reese and Abby Grace’s completed quilts

Reese and Abby Grace have been taking a quilting class, and these are the finished products. I have nothing to do with this, as we all know how crafty I am not. Not too shabby for first-timers!

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