It’s Time I Talk About Stitch Fix

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So, Stitch Fix.

I mentioned awhile back that Stitch Fix has an app, and that I’ve been loving my “fixes” for almost a year. But, I have yet to share much more about them.

Let's Talk About Stitch Fix |

I’m no fashion blogger, this we know. I also like to stay behind the scenes, which is one reason I enjoy blogging so much… I can ramble on and on and not have to actually say a word. But yeah… this requires pictures… of me… pretending to model. Go ahead and laugh, because I am!

2016_02_Stitch Fix_1

My helper!

So, why Stitch Fix? Why would I even go this route?

First of all, I realized early on last year that I needed more business and business-casual attire. I had several events coming up that recommended one or the other, and I had no idea where to begin in shopping for myself. I’m no good in this department, so I thought I would give Stitch Fix a try and see what all the fuss was about.

It turned out to be like taking my own stylist shopping with me, without having to leave my house. And we all know how much I love leaving the house. Plus, business attire is not my forte at all. Cardigans, jeans, and boots I can do. Beyond that, if I buy something nice that turns out looking cute, we just chalk it up to good luck. It certainly wasn’t because I have a clue!

October 2015 Stitch Fix 1 Sweater and Maternity Jeans

Honey Punch Cardigan (non-maternity) – Stitch Fix, Choose Joy tee shirt (non-maternity) – Cents of Style, Liverpool Maternity Skinny Jean – Stitch Fix, Gray Fringe Boots – Cents of Style. Yes, you saw this outfit in an earlier post. Two birds with one stone, people!

The first couple of fixes is you getting to know your stylist and vice versa. Stylists aren’t mind-readers – although I feel like my stylist has a direct link to my brain. That’s a scary thought, but in all seriousness, she’s got me pegged. It’s not usually that way in the beginning (and it wasn’t for me), and it doesn’t necessarily mean it will end up that way every single time. However, I have honestly loved almost every single piece she has sent me. I’ve had the same stylist for all 10 of my fixes, and I’m voting that we need a “meet my stylist” day because I would love to see Liz in person.

There for a few months, I requested maternity clothes, which was great since the last time I was pregnant during the winter was with Reese. I had zero pants, and that was something I needed for winter. I’ve never had maternity pants that fit me well. (But really… does anyone find maternity pants that fit them as well as regular pants?!?! I think it’s the panel that drives me nuts!) However, all that changed with the Liverpool Maternity Jeans. These jeans… y’all. They’re insanely amazing. They are SO comfortable and SO soft and fit me SO well throughout my entire pregnancy {and for the entire week following LJ’s birth}.


Everly Elwick Printed Maternity Dress – Stitch Fix, leggings – Old Navy, boots – Cents of Style, pendant – Diffusing Mamas

I’m currently breastfeeding, so I asked for attire that would be accommodating in my last fix, and of course, Liz nailed it. The blouse pictured is both nursing-friendly AND can be worn to business-casual events. I just paired it with jeans, because, well… I’m limited in what pants fit right now. Ha!


 41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse, Kut from the Kloth Basley Zipper Detail Skinny Jean – Stitch Fix, Gray Fringe Boots – Cents of Style, pendant – Diffusing Mamas, Batman… he’s mine! 😉

The cost of each fix varies, depending on what you’ve marked as your price point for each type of clothing or accessory. You also get a 25 percent discount if you purchase all five pieces in your fix. You can minimize costs by using a referral link when sharing Stitch Fix with family and friends. No, you don’t have to be a blogger to take advantage of this! You get a $25 credit when your referrals receive their first fix!

You can set up your style profile, free of charge. You can decide on the frequency of your fixes, even only receiving one a few times a year. If you do receive a fix that does not suit you, please give it another chance or two. Remember, your stylist is learning about you as she goes, and those first few fixes may not be perfect. On the other hand, make sure you love each piece you keep and check the care label before purchasing. If you don’t love to hand wash clothes, for example, you may not want to mess with keeping something with that label. Or you could be like me and only wash it if it gets dirty. Ha!

I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it is worth saying again: the key to receiving better Fixes – in my opinion – is to be very detailed when you check out. Tell your stylist why you love it… or don’t love it. Include specifics on how it fits (or does not fit), and if there are clothing options you prefer over others. Don’t be afraid to be honest… being completely truthful about each piece in your Fix will only help your stylist tailor your Fix to you, which is the purpose of Stitch Fix.

Have you used Stitch Fix?

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