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I would so love to have access to a recycling center!  I abhor throwing away perfectly good recyclable items!  But, we do not have a recycling center anywhere near my darling small town.

A few tips I do have:

  • If you are not near a recycling center, see if your local animal shelter can use your old newspapers.
  • Collect empty soda cans and tabs for your child’s school (do they still do those types of “fundraisers”???)

You know what I do with my empty containers and plastic bags… but what can I do with other recyclable items besides throwing them away?

So, I am asking YOU readers!

What are your recycling tips and tricks?  Do you have ideas for recycling in a small town?

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  1. Amy says

    I don’t live in a small town – but like you, I really see the value in recycling! I re-use most of my plastic bottles for either watering containers or to hold tea/juice for get-togethers with my family. I also love saving rainwater. I’m enrolled for a class in October to make a rain barrel…but for now, I use an old cooler to collect rain water from a leaking rain gutter. I use it to water my inside plants. We’re fortunate to have a recycling program here, I didn’t realize how blessed I was. Thanks for reminding me!!

  2. Melodye says

    Though we are in a small town, a friend travels to Denton for recycling paper. She pairs it with the shopping that she has to do in that area. It might not be a bad idea, to get a few friends together and do the same. By pairing it with the have to do’s in another town it is a feasible action.

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