Joining the No Sugar Challenge

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Photo by: Logan Brumm Photography and Design

Next Monday, our family is embarking on a slightly crazy, but definitely good adventure.

We are going to {attempt to} kick our sugar addiction to the curb.

Why would we want to do this? Well besides all of the health benefits of not having a sugar addiction, I’m a control freak. In the words of my friend Mandi (who is spearheading this adventure), when she explains why no sugar:

“… I want our sugar consumption to be intentional and not just because we can’t resist a craving or because it’s found in everything from our bread and crackers to spaghetti sauce and salad dressing.”

This sums it up nicely. And while I shared what our family is doing to kick sugar to the curb on Kingdom First Mom, my goal is to get to the point of no sweeteners by the end of the month. A lofty goal? Yes. But it is definitely doable.

If you want to join in and start working on that sugar habit, please join us!

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