Irresistible Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

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Oatmeal cookies (with raisins!) were always a hit with my younger brother growing up, while I preferred them plain jane. There was something about the soft gooeyness of the eggs, vanilla, and butter combined with the slightly-crunchy-yet-still-soft oats. Yum.


This is the recipe I grew up on, and now I’m using it on my kids. And just like for my brother and me, it has become a family favorite, all the way down to my youngest babe. In fact, Cam can’t get enough of ’em! When I posted the above photo on Facebook, my friend Jen said they must be “irresistible,” and so a new name was christened.




For the record, that first shot was not staged. My “Cookie Monster” was outside with me while I was photographing the cookies, and decided he needed a bite. Luckily, I caught his theft, and it turned out to be my favorite. I couldn’t not share!


They’re just that good!

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