Making Meals Easier by Utilizing the Slow-Cooker {31 Days of Self-Care}

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Welcome to Day 7 of my 2014 #Write31Days journey! If you are new here, you can read a little more about me in the sidebar. ;)

The temptation to eat out is a big one some days. It’s not the desire to eat fast food, but to have food fast without a lot of effort. In the past, I have succumbed to this temptation much more frequently than I would like to admit.

Making Meals Easier by Utilizing the Slow Cooker | #write31days

Lately, however, with a tight budget (I’ve never been so thankful for a limited budget… ha!), eating out is pretty much not an option. We have some financial goals we are trying to meet and those are of utmost important to us.

In addition to a tight budget, our schedule is pretty narrow this month, as well. September was a tight month, too, and I am looking forward to November when things slow down a bit.

But we still have to eat.

One way I have been combatting the I-don’t-have-time-to-cook battle that seems to occur every single day (and I love to cook!), is by making meals in the slow-cooker {AKA, crockpot. It’s probably not okay to use the word “crockpot,” but that is what I call it when I say the word out lout. Slow-cooker = ugh to me. I’m such a rebel, I know.}

I am currently experimenting with slow-cooker meals from my Pinterest board, Crockpot Meals. Most of these meals are dump food in the crockpot and forget about them until suppertime. I can handle that!

Tonight, we had this delicious Salsa Chicken in tortillas with a side of homemade oven fries. It literally took two minutes to toss everything in the crockpot and set the timer… and it took that long because I had a hard time getting the frozen chicken out of the Ziploc bag. {wink}

{Don’t worry… I haven’t given up cooking and baking for good. I make two loaves of bread every few days, and serve it as a side for many of these meals. If we don’t have bread, it’s usually rice, oven or skillet potatoes, a meal served in tortillas, homemade macaroni-and-cheese, and/or a selected vegetable.}

In this season of busyness, it is nice to be able to prepare easy, healthy, convenient meals without a ton of prep work every night. Family meal time is important to me, and if we don’t have to rush through it, that’s a bonus!

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