Finding Joy in Hobbies, Projects, and Fun {31 Days of Self-Care}

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Welcome to Day 16 of my 2014 #Write31Days journey! If you are new here, you can read a little more about me in the sidebar. ;)

Well, we are halfway through this 31-day series. I know some of you may be wondering when it’s going to be over! Ha!

Before I get into today’s self-care tidbit, I would like to ask you: is there something you would like me to touch on this month? Something you would like to hear more about in the area of self-care? If so, feel free to comment or send an email to me {}.

Finding Joy in Hobbies, Projects, and Fun | #write31days


I talked a little bit about having time for ourselves, and even if it is five minutes in the bathroom without an interruption, it is important. Today’s topic is an extension of that, and some of you may not like me for suggesting this! If you barely have time to drink a cup of coffee or steal a bite of chocolate, how on EARTH do you have time for a hobby?

I didn’t, for years. Well, I did, but it was here-and-there, and I am one of those people who likes to tackle something and finish it. Leaving it unfinished makes me a little crazy.

I’m also one that waits until a few weeks before Christmas to decide to make wreaths for every person in our family. Not really, but it was close; several people got wreaths! Anyway… I’m a maniac when it comes to finishing projects. I can’t get it off my mind. So, that is where choosing a hobby (or working on projects, whatever you want to call it) is important. Make sure it doesn’t bring you more stress!

One of my favorite projects to tackle is making wreaths. It’s almost an addiction! I am not creative, but sometimes I mesh together other’s ideas.

One of my more recent wreaths came from a DIY Weathered Glam Berry Wreath I saw on My Blessed Life. I loved the combination of gold in the ribbon and the distressed gray in the wreath.

Fall Wreath

I added a sunflower and orange and red berries instead of a ribbon and red only, and it fits right in on my mantel. Plus, it didn’t take very long to make!

Fall Mantel 1My Fall mantel… I wish I had better lighting!

I also threw together and orange burlap wreath for my front door. The space between our screen door and wooden door is quite small, so I can’t have big wreaths hanging there.

I have also made coffee filter wreaths for the girls, as well as wrapped fabric wreaths. They love them, and when I’ve given them as gifts, they’ve also been a hit. Yarn wreaths are fun and easy to make. I also fell in love with this lace and burlap wreath, and made my own. So. Much. Fun. I love decorating my home with easy, beautiful projects!

Reading is a favorite pastime. This may be a hobby that is easier to handle than others, simply because it is easy. With Kindles, phone apps, and books, you can read just about anytime, anywhere. And if you prefer the real thing, you can always snag a book light to read in the dark.

Antiquing. This doesn’t even require money, unless you want it to. I have a slight obsession with old Pyrex, and love scouring shops and eBay for pieces. I haven’t purchased any this year, and I’ve only had one opportunity in the last several months to even look. What I have enjoyed on an almost daily basis is the joy the pieces I have bring me when I use them. For the most part, they aren’t family pieces, but ones that have no meaning other than they are beautiful.

Maybe writing is what floats your boat. I talked about journaling earlier in this series. Maybe devoting a bit of time to chronicling your life on a blog (there are free options out there) is something you might love. I know I do!

This hobby/project/pastime doesn’t have to be a daily, or even weekly thing. Months can go by before I have time to make another wreath; it’s usually more like once per season – maybe. I mentioned I rarely go antiquing, but enjoy it when I can. Carving out time for ourselves is important, and one way I like to do this is by putting a little bit of energy into special hobbies!

Do you have a hobby or project that you like to enjoy from time to time?

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