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It has been awhile since I gave a Cam update.

My Mommy |

This child is as sweet as he his ornery. He loves to snuggle and he loves to be rough. He is such a little boy!

Balls – soccer, basketballs, footballs, it does not matter. He loves playing catch!

Cam is obsessed with his cars and trucks.

Building with Legos and blocks to make houses and people, “fighting” bad guys with his foam sword and shield, and snuggling up with a book are more of his favorite past times.

Cam loves to show me everything he does. I have to witness it, and if I don’t pay attention immediately, he stays after me until I do.

He has decided that clothing is optional. Sigh.

Cam still sleeps with us, and more often than not, falls asleep laying on my stomach. I don’t mind at all, and I try to soak up every second, because I know it won’t last forever. The way he runs out of our room after he wakes up from his nap and throws his arms around me, so happy to see me; this is what I treasure. “I missed you, Mommy.” He won’t need me like this forever.

I like to joke around with him and tell him he is my baby, or my boy. Or both! He has taken to carefully clutching my face with his chubby hands and saying, “My Mommy!” He goes to bed saying it, asking for reassurance that yes, his mommy is right there. He will run to me and put his arms around my neck or legs and yell it. He will curl up in my lap and sigh, “My Mommy.”

Yes, I am his mommy, and it is my favorite job. Even when he stops proclaiming it, I will still be his mommy, and I cherish every single time his sweet voice reminds me that I am his.


  1. Michelle olson says

    Awe that is so sweet.. Cam sounds a lot like my son, who is nearing the age of 4 in a couple weeks. My how time has flown.. I respect and admire your patience with allowing him to sleep on you since so many sources on the subject frown upon that. I too, love sleeping with my son and feel as though, it won’t last forever. Eventually he won’t need me to calm him before he sleeps, eventually he won’t need me like he does now, so why not soak up every precious moment and make the most of that unconditional love you both share and just be…. Know what I mean? Anyway, it was a pleasure reading your blog.

    • says

      Hi Michelle!

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m so with you… eventually they won’t need us anymore, so I want to just soak it up! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

      Many blessings,

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