7 and 3

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So, I’m a little behind. Who is suprised?! 😉

September brought lots of new things, including a seven-year-old and a three-year-old. Sigh. My babies just keep growing!

On September 3, Meleah turned 7.

Meleah 7

Where did this baby go?!


On September 23, Cam turned 3. He is such a sweet little guy. I just adore him.

Cam is 3

It seems like yesterday he was this little.


We celebrated their birthdays with a family party at a local picnic spot. Each had an at-home party where we make homemade pizza and have a movie night. Those are always so fun!

Cam and Meleah Birthday 2015



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    your family is so cute! I think its awesome that you homeschool and I hope to do the same some day. I almost feel like I know you and your family especially your oldest daughter, Abby Grace! weird, I know, but for some strange reason I feel that way lol. I would love to meet your family some day lol.

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