And just like that, it is September!

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Ah, the catchup post. How I love thee.

The last several months have been wild. Five kids is no joke, and all hail mommas with more! Ha! I. Am. Tired. Having a baby who is still nursing all. the. time. doesn’t help that either. He sure is a sweetie, though!

So. What have we been up to?


The girls started a new school year on the first day of August – their request. They were so excited to begin that they asked to get started asap. Momma obliged, of course. Kids who are ready for school? I’ll take it!


We began our fifth year of Classical Conversations in August as well. Meleah and Reese are in Foundations, Reese is in her second year of Essentials, and Abby is loving her first year of Challenge in the Challenge A program. Cam wasn’t quite ready to start, but we may add him in January (he will be four by then), or just wait until next August.


A change for me is that I am the Essentials tutor this year. Our tutor from last year (thankfully!!!) moved up to tutor Challenge A, and I took her spot in Essentials. It isn’t my first rodeo, as I subbed a lot last year, but it is still intimidating being the equipper of moms for our amazing grammar and writing class. I am loving it, though, and the mommas and kiddos seem to be enjoying it as well. That’s definitely a blessing for me!

I also took a little “me” time and visited my friend Lacey for a cut and color… plum! I feel hair is meant to be fun, and this is just a little something I can do for a quick pick-me-up!


Shane is the only “official” pastor at our church right now. Our pastor retired earlier this year, and our {wonderful} music minister is interim. Thankfully, he isn’t having to preach, nor is he having to “lead” the church from a finance/decision-making/leadership standpoint. He is mainly able to continue his youth work, as well as maintaining his role as associate pastor.


Yes, we are still in the throes of newborn-ness. Even almost 8 months later, we spend much of our day in momma’s arms either nursing, sleeping, or climbing all over her. Linc likes his momma a whole lot, like his brother. 😉 He doesn’t nap unless I hold him or put him in the Ergo. I am super-thankful for the Ergo! During the two hours I tutor Essentials, Linc lasts about 45 minutes in childcare, so I go get him during math, nurse him, and then pop him in the Ergo for a nap while I finish up. Whew! So far, so good, but it would not be possible without my carrier.


Meleah celebrated her eighth birthday on September 3rd. Ah, my baby girl is growing up! She got donuts for her birthday, and she and Cam will have their party tomorrow.


I am still working on writing out Linc’s birth story. I am almost finished, I just have some photos to edit. Sheesh! He’s almost 8 months old.

Speaking of, Linc is crawling and is now into absolutely everything. He’s such an inquisitive child, even more so than my others. He is fascinated with his siblings, and lights up every time he sees them. He has a precious grin!


Earlier this month, Linc had his lip tie released. He is nursing better, but I think the frequent nursing may be more of a habit than anything. Time will tell. He is healing up nicely, and his a MUCH happier baby when in his car seat. We can actually drive without him screaming his head off. Yes, it really was that bad. He is also “talking” more, and is having less gas (probably related to nursing better).

Abby injured her foot playing volleyball, and has been in a special shoe for two weeks. We got in to see the foot doctor yesterday, and he said it is most likely a fracture… that we can do nothing about, of course! She’s going to practice this evening to see how she does. Her foot hurts even when she isn’t putting pressure on it, so she might as well give it a whirl.


Despite all of the “bad” news, I could not be more blessed! I love our full-of-life, always-on-the-go family!

In bloggy news, I have been working on updating posts; I’ll be sharing more of these soon!

Well, that’s a wrap for the moment. I hope your families are doing well!

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