18 Months

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I’m not exactly on-the-ball with this post, as my adorable little guy actually had his 18 month birthday on March 23.


He certainly keeps me busy, and I had So. Many. Things. I wanted to share about him that I couldn’t get this post finished on time!

Just woke up

Bedhead and rosy cheeks

The last “month” update was his one-year birthday, and oh the things he has learned since then!

Walk? Forget it. Walking is too slow. He is running. Everywhere. All of the time. He never stops! Cam officially began walking right before Christmas, but it didn’t take him long to realize running got him around more quickly.

At one of sister's games

At one of sister’s games

Talk? He knows soooooo many words. It is precious how he calls Abby by name. He is working on saying, “Reese,” and just calls Meleah, “Sissy.” Our favorite right now is how he says the word, “duck.” He says it with a scratchy voice as he tries to mimic the “quack-quack,” noise. It’s hilarious.

Smart? Why yes he is, and I am not biased at all. The kid is incredibly smart. I don’t know if it’s mommy-brain, or if he truly is smarter than his sisters were at this age, because I don’t remember them following directions as well as he does, or understanding what we say like him. Oy. It won’t be long and he will be outsmarting Momma! Ha!

At a church event

Crusin’ in the stroller at a church event

Particular. This kid – who will clear out the cabinet full of cups and bowls and throw them all over the kitchen – will NOT stand for shoes to be strewn about. If you take your shoes off and leave them lying around, he will pick them up, hunt you down, and insist that you put them on or away. And speaking of insisting… HIS shoes (of which he used to have an aversion) *must* be put on *with* his outfit. And we canNOT forget to put on socks. Everything must be put in it’s place and everything goes a certain way. Wonder where he gets that… hmmm…

Outside. His absolute most favorite place to be is outside. He will stand at the front door (or let himself out if it isn’t closed all the way. eek!) and yell, “Out!” until it’s time to go outside and play.

Exploring with Momma

Exploring with Momma

Loves his Momma. The kid may or may not still be nursing every two hours (or whenever Momma sits down). I’m not telling. {Side note – ideas for weaning or slowing down the nursing of a 30-lb 18-month-old are VERY welcome.}

Never tired. He hates his crib. He screams whenever we go near it. Yes, he is still sleeping between Shane and me, which is FINE. I don’t mind at all, and I kind of like it. The thing is, the only place he will nap is my arms. That makes going to the bathroom hard (for me). LOL. {Psst… that part above about weaning? Yeah… ideas for getting him to sleep without nursing are also welcome!}


Favorite toys: his vacuum, his baby, his laptop, old cell phone, shopping cart, cars, books, balls – especially basketballs.

Favorite “toys” that he likes to mess with or knock askew: my laptop, his sister’s laptop, our phones, random framed photos, markers and crayons, his sisters’ purses, spoons, forks.

Favorite “toys” that he likes to hide: our phones, any essential oil he can get his chubby hands on, sippy cups, pencils (especially if it’s the one you are currently using), remotes to the tv and blu-ray player.

Enjoying a sugar cookie at our Disney Side party

Enjoying a sugar cookie at our Disney Side party

Gives me gray hairs. He climbs on ALL-OF-THE-THINGS. He likes to run off; no turning your back on this one!

My little helper. He loves to help me clean, and will follow me around the entire time I’m cleaning. Cam will dust and wipe surfaces for me, and monitors my sweeping abilities. And when I pull out the vacuum, he kicks it into high gear and races to get his vacuum. He gets this sweet little grin on his face that doesn’t go away as long as we are vacuuming together. In the kitchen, he likes to be my assistant and “order” me around as I cook. If I don’t put an ingredient away, he points his little finger at it and grunts, telling me to put it away.

My little helper

My little helper

Independent. Oh, this little guy has to do everything by himself. Everything. And he’s insistent about doing it himself!

Sweetest thing on earth.

Melts my heart on an hourly (at least!) basis.




When I am able to lay him down next to me at night, I can’t stop kissing his sweet cheeks. My heart overflows with crazy love for him. When he wakes up from a nap and discovers he is in my arms, or when he’s sleep-nursing and begins to wake up, that “knowing” grin of his appears. He’s with Momma, and all the world is right. The proud, accomplished look he gets when he is praised for being helpful or sweet. The way he rushes to his sisters when they are hurt or crying. The concerned hug that follows and the protective stance he takes over them until they are better. The mischievous expression when he is doing something he knows he shouldn’t. The movement of his chubby legs when he’s in a rush to get somewhere.

Yep. I’m over the moon. I love my boy and everything that he is. He has my heart. And he knows it.


  1. Miranda says

    Every 2 hours?! Wooo I don’t know how you do it! My 12 month old still nurses too but I make him go at least 3 hours between feedings especially at night. Sometimes that just means he has to cry a little.

    • says

      Yeah, it’s a little much, I agree! However, when we try to make him wait longer it turns into a scream-bloody-murder type of thing. I think it’s more for comfort than out of hunger, like how my third daughter sucked her thumb… I’m his comfort. LOL! ;) Thanks for commenting! :)

      • Miranda says

        My son is the same way! And although I love the comfort aspect most days (ie: today when he pinched his finger & has a major cold), but I’d be lying if I said I liked it at night ;). I hope my comment didn’t come off mean. I’m really not an advocate for crying it out. I just meant maybe 5 minutes tops, when I need a little break.

        • says

          Oh girl, no. It did not sound mean at all. :) I don’t love it at night. I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to slow him down. Haha! And I didn’t think you were a CIO advocate either. Believe me, I let little man cry longer than five minutes sometimes. Momma needs two hands every once in awhile! :D

          – Amy

  2. Margaret Durry says

    Your blog brought back so many wonderful memories. My children are grown, 46, 45, 41, 38, and 36, and the longest I ever nursed was a year, but I smiled through your whole blog, they are really such special times in your life. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family.

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