Cam is One

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In case you missed it, I spent the weekend recapping the days leading up to Cam’s birth. You can catch up by reading On This Day Last Year and Cam’s Birth Story {Part One}.

The big day is finally here. One year ago, my sweet son was born. How it has been 365 days, I’m not sure. It has been the fastest year of my life. In some ways, it has been the longest, as well. That can happen when your son nurses every hour and a half for an entire year. And then, another part of me feels like I didn’t savor that time like I should have. That’s the problem we mothers have, eh? The desire for perfection, and then the failure to achieve it.

Cam is now weighing 25 1/2 lbs… 17 pounds more than the day he was born. He is wearing 18 month clothing. He currently has several teeth, with another coming in. Cam isn’t too inclined to walk, but he crawls like a champ!

My sweet boy likes to babble and says, “Dadadada, popopopop, and mamamama.” I don’t know that he is naming anyone in particular (although that opinion is in the minority around here!), but he will sit up, look around, and “ask” for “Dadada.” So, who knows?

Cam continues to bring all of us joy, and I’m not sure who loves him more – his momma or his sisters! The girls take such a delight in him, and he seems to adore them. I love watching him interact with his sisters.

Some of Cam’s other tricks include throwing a ball (he has quite the arm on him!) and “catching” it, riding in the stroller, finding every pen or pencil he can find and then screaming when we take it away from him, pulling all of my plastic containers out of the drawer (the only reason I keep them is so he can play with them!), pulling/pushing anything and everything off of the cabinets/tables/desks… if it’s in his reach he is getting it, walking around the furniture (some… he still prefers crawling), “helping” with the laundry by emptying the baskets for me, placing every object he gets his hands on in his mouth, and getting as dirty as humanly possible. We call him King Kong because of how quickly he rids our tables of clutter!

There is no doubt about it: this boy is sweet as can be, and he gives the best hugs. My heart melts when his chubby little arms wrap themselves around my neck and don’t let go. He also has the fuzziest hair that I love playing with (although he does not like people touching his head! Too funny!). Cam seems to know when his sisters are sad/hurt/upset, because he immediately gets a “concerned” look on his face, stops what he is doing, and crawls over to see about them. He is already assigned himself as their protector. Boys of the world, watch out! Ha!

Cam is a treasure and a blessing. Happy birthday, little man!

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