Blogging in 2010: A Reader Survey

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4128722835_eb3e7f43ddOkay, I am both nervous and excited to share this with you.

I have opened up a new survey for you all to let me know what you think about my site and what I do here. This survey is optional, but if you take it, you will be entered to win a sample pack of Choffy. (And, Chrystal, your gift pack is going out this week. I apologize for the delay!)

The survey will only take a few moments, and I would be so grateful if you gave me your input! You can access the survey here. I will NOT share any of your information with anyone else. The survey is totally confidential, and any personal information is just for me to learn a bit more about my readers.

I have recently posted my goals for 2010, so make sure you check those out, too! I look forward to reading your responses!

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