Once a Month Cooking {Whew}

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Our family has {finally} almost reached the end of our “summer of craziness.”

We have one more trip this weekend, but I am not sure if I will be joining my husband or not.

Because it is the end of the summer, I can begin my once-a-month-cooking marathons! It is so nice to be able to pull a meal from the freezer when we are in a time pinch.

I began my OAMC on Sunday night after we returned home from church.

This is what my “plan” looked like:

Oh, and my camera battery died and I cannot find the charger, so all pics are taken with my iPhone.

On Sunday night, I made:

  • Breakfast (Sausage/Egg/Cheese) Casseroles x 2
  • Homemade Salsa
  • Sausage patties for Monday breakfast
  • Steak – marinating for Monday supper
  • Cooked 2 lbs. ground turkey

On Monday, I began working at 10 am. I tweaked my plan some throughout the day, and finished up cooking/baking at 9 pm.

Shane washed dishes several times for me today, which really helped me to be able to focus on cooking.

I cooked two whole chickens (used the meat for the pot pie, filling, and chicken/rice casserole), tortillas for quesadillas and enchiladas, and made 4 pie crusts (2 for the pot pie, and 1 for each pecan pie).

What ended up in the freezer:

Not frozen:

  • (2) Pecan Pies – 1 for Shane and 1 for my Daddy
  • Tortillas
  • Applesauce {was kind of a flop, but used it to make apple-cinnamon pancakes!}

We did not eat the steak tonight, so we are saving it for tomorrow. We had pie for supper 😀

I had planned on making at least 6 more pie crusts to throw in the freezer, but I was tired after I finished up the pancakes.

The final list looked like this:

I may or may not make the remaining items tomorrow. I still have laundry from Falls Creek to do. Ugh.

Have you had any OAMC days lately?


  1. Ellen says

    I recently found your blog and really enjoy it. When my kids were young, I did freezer meals alot! I still reach for some of the recipes from Once a Month Cook by Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagenborg because they became such family favorites! The quesadillas look amazing. Do you build and cook them before freezing or build them and then freeze them?

    • says

      @Ellen, Hi Ellen!

      I build the quesadillas before freezing. I even go ahead and cut them into four pieces. You could freeze the pieces individually to pull out for a quick snack 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words!


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