The Return {2014}

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I have an inflated sense of self-importance with that title, don’t I? Ha!

After taking a few weeks off of the blog, I am back, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for 2014!


After battling a stomach bug the week before Christmas, our family managed to stay well through Christmas. That is always an accomplishment, and it boggles my mind that really the only time we get sick is during the Christmas break.


Our family had a fun Christmas, and enjoyed a trip to Grapevine with Shane’s family after the holiday. I had a fun adventure with my sister-in-law that ended in 95% off everything PLUS stuffing THREE clothing racks into the back of her van. Let’s just say hitting an outlet store closing on the LAST day is pretty awesome.


Upon returning home, I spent several hours uploading and backing up photos, ordering photos, and creating photo books. I am working on getting my photos organized, and let me tell you, that is a task!

On 2013

This last year was the fastest of my life. Oh my goodness. Some of the highlights include blogging for 31 days straight {an accomplishment for this twice-a-month blogger! Ha!}, finally deciding to get my Young Living business launched, losing the logic board on one Mac and then seven months later losing the hard drive on my *new* Mac {if that doesn’t rattle your nerves and remind you to BACK UP YOUR FILES, I don’t know what will!}, our first trip to Disney World {including the first flight for my four children… who now love flying!}, and my baby turning one {HOW is that possible?! Heck, how is it possible that ALL of my children are as old as they are?!}

I have survived this year on less sleep than I thought possible; discovered I love freshly ground, French-pressed coffee over my beloved Keurig {no contest, baby}; and finally read the manual on my Canon and took the plunge out of the auto setting. Yeehaw!

My top 10 posts of 2013:

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Coming Up

I printed out the organizer I am using for the year {more on this later!}. This planner/organizer is from The Confident Mom, and this will be the first year I have used her materials. I am already loving it!

The 2014 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner

On Wednesday, I shared Young Living’s January promo, and as usual, YL is on-point with their specials! I have several more oils that I am using and loving that I can’t wait to tell you about. Later this month, I will be participating in a special OILY day-in-the-life, sharing how our family uses our oils on a daily basis. {Be sure to follow me on Instagram, as I will be sharing the day-in-the-life photos there, as well as on Facebook!}

My series on How We Homeschool will start back – as will our school – next week. The holidays got too busy for me to get this series going again, so I just decided to push it back to after the new year.

I’m not really into the whole “word of the year” thing, BUT. I felt like I was perpetually behind the entire year, and I don’t want to feel that way for another 365 days. With that being said, IF I chose a word of the year {do you see what I did there? I’m not committing. wink.}, my word would be Thrive. I don’t want to just live, but I want to thrive.

There you have it! I have so many ideas, and there are B-I-G changes on the horizon, so stay tuned! Thanks for all of your support! <3

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